with De Office we can offer these services and much more :

  1. Transaction receipts
    Small receipts will be fixed to A4 paper and numbered then scanned and returned to you.
    They conform to ATO (Australian Taxation Office) Regulations.
    They will then be input to our system in Cost Centres
  2. Quotation and Invoices
    Invoices can be raised and send via email to customers (multiple lines/description)
    Recurring invoice can be made with "Duplicate Button"
  3. Purchase Order
    Purchase Order can be raised.
  4. Accounts Payable
    Bills can be recorded when received and a due date can be inserted to receive reminder a few days before.
  5. Wages
    Wages, PAYG, Super can be done in one
    ATO Taxation Scale is updated every financial year
    Time Sheets can be filled online, Payslips will be easily produced.
    PAYG Summary will be generated automatically.
  6. Bank Accounts
    Bank Statements can be imported into the system
    There is no limit on how many bank accounts added in one company.
  7. Business Activity Statement (BAS)
    BAS can be compiled for your approval once all the information needed are completed in the system.
    All shares purchased/sold and dividend received can be recorded and updated.
  9. Fixed Assets
    Fixed Assets can be registered and depreciation value can be calculated based on ATO formula.
  10. Company Diary
    Holidays, appointment and other engagement activities can be recorded here.
  11. Address Book, Customer List, Supplier List
    A comprehensive list of customer and supplier list will be integrated in quotation, invoices, purchase orders.
  12. Maintenance Schedule and Templates
    Specifically designed for Service Companies to record their service register.
    These windows will take care of every aspect needed from planning to invoicing providing it has all the information needed.

Updated: 25/07/2016