Program Information

Atad Data

Copious Data Pty Ltd Trading as Atad Data


Programme Name

Version Number

File Name

DeOffice Accounting 929-129 DeOffice60
Deoffice Web Version 929-153 Deofficeweb.lbs
Fast Track 5.00 Studio 104-220 EST-ST5-4W.lbs
Fast Track 3.3 Studio 104-220 EST-ST3-4W.lbs
Fast Track 432 Studio 104-235 EST-ST4-4W.lbs
Fast Track 6.0Studio 104-220 FastTrack6
Fast Track 603 Studio 104-220 EST-ST6-4W.lbs
Kontrol Pro 600-110 KtrlPro.lbs
Postgres Fast Track 60 104-752 SQLFastTrackWeb60
Postgres Fast Track 80 104-752 SQLFastTrackWeb80
Postgres Fast Track 81 104-752 SQLFastTrackWeb81
Smart Price 3 100-23 Copious.lbs
Smart Price 4 100-23 Copious4.lbs
Smart Price 5 100-23 Copious5.lbs
Web Server of Fast Track 100-100 FastTrackWeb.lbs
Web and LAN version 104-249 FastTrackWeb60
Web and LAN version 104-257 FastTrackWeb51
Web and LAN version 104-257 FastTrackWeb4

If your system does not match the latest version numbers Email a request for an update for your system.

The version number is usually found in Company Details window positioned in the Top Right hand cornner.

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25th March 2019