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Data Base Programming

Atad Data can offer specialised database programming, these programs are for applications where an off the shelf program does not suit your business, in other words we can help you design a program to suit your specialised business.

We have written programs to do applications such managing social clubs memberships and Insulation company job tracking programs system. Also as well is our day to day line of Electrical Estimating and Pricing systems.

The applications can be written to suit many operating systems such Windows family, OS IBM, Macintosh 10X and Linux. The data base that is used is Omnis Studio 3.3 and 4.0, one the most powerful mid range data base systems.

The applications can be written in stages and expanded as the client requires, the client can also participate in window design and layouts.

The applications can be written to take advantages of the Windows environment, this means the application can be designed in appropriate areas to minimise the data input or transferring, the use of operations such as single clicks or drag drop functionality and graphs can be designed in or added at later stages.
Another strong point of the Omnis Studio is its networking ability, and unlike some other data base programs that slow down and choke networks, Omnis Studio minimises the problem.

The program has also SQL (Structured Query Language) facilities, this means the ability to communicate with a main frame computers.

Many people start out using spread sheets in the day to day running of there businesses, and the spread sheets will always have place. However there is a time when a spread sheet becomes prone to accidents or becomes to large to manage and starts to become a problem, that is when the data base program comes into its own.

In summary, if you need a specialised application developed, please call as we may be able to help in this area.



Updated: 24/08/2004