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Data Base Programming

Atad Data can offer specialised database programming, we specialise in Postgres SQL (Structured Query Language) data base, and use Omnis studio as a graphical interface,
this gives a highly professional application.

We have written over the years applications to manage Social Clubs, Insulation installations and Stores pricing systems.
Our Web page list other available programs.

We as a company designed the Electrical and Instrumentation Townsville Sugar Air Conveyor System. This work involved collecting all the information on all drives, Switchboards and Instruments, to produce a tag register.
The next process was to produce a cable schedule. After the cable schedule was produced we then worked on producing a PLC register. When these process were complete we then compiled a termination schedule along with termination drawings.

We offer a complete service where a client can present us with Excel spread sheets and word documents and then we can peace them together to form a custom made data base.
This gives the client fast retrevial speeds from any where in the world.

Also offered is the ability to put together a team of programers here in Australia.
We can also design web base systems.

Omnis studio also works Windows as well as Macintosh.


Chris Hughes

Updated: 28/03/2024