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Fast Track is now available in a Postgres Data Base Format.

What does this mean to Fast Track?

  1. Fast Track now combines together with the Omnis Graphical User Interface (GUI) and with the power of Postgresql.
  2. Postgres is Structured Query Language (SQL).
  3. Fast Track is now faster.
  4. The Postgres data base is programmed to do its own maintenance.
  5. The Postgres data base will do timed automatic backups.
  6. The Postgres data base is secure.
  7. Multiple users of Fast Track can be in different locations (offices) and be estimating on the same project.
  8. Common Master list and pricing information are used.
  9. Reports can be generated from any location.
  10. Postgres is most cost effective.
  11. Atad Data can also develop other data base applications upon request.
  12. Postgresql also works on Windows, Macintosh and Linux.

Updated: 14/06/2021