Kontrol Pro the software program.

What is Kontrol Pro:-

Kontrol Pro is software package that allows you to manage a project at design time and then take it to site to continue management, where it is needed most. The software ties together all the data so that making changes and alterations flows though the whole data base.

The Features that Kontol Pro has:-

* Asset management system that manage tag numbers at design time and whilst the project is running.

* Cable Schedule system that is very much related to the Tag number system.

* Cable Schedule with QA features, Cable Ferule and Cable Numbers, Drum Management System, Automatic Termination and Block Cable   Drawing system.

* Documentation control system that does automatic documentation distribution via email.

* Switch Boards Schedules.

* PLC Input and Output (I/O) scheduling related to the Tag numbering system.

* Pipe and Pipe fitting Scheduling related to the assets.

* Commissioning Schedules.

* Cost Control of and monitoring of progress throughout the project.

* Variation Control system.

* Request for information system.

* On site time sheet management.

* Purchasing.

* Onsite Personal data base.

* Company Address Books.

These are some of the main features more features are being added.

All the above is contained in the one system that eliminates the need to switch between software packages, and the need to import and export data between theses systems.

The system is networkable and can be set up to various access levels with pass words. With computers having more speed and storage capacity there is no need to have costly land lines and main frame computers tied up.

The projects are contained in self enclosed data file making easy to export and import so the project can be monitored from main office and the data is kept secure.

That data in the Kontrol Pro is easily exported and imported to Microsoft Excel in many situations so eliminating the task of entering information.

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18th February 2008