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About Us

Chris Hughes is the major shareholder of Copious Data trading as Atad Data. Atad Data is 100% Australian owned and operated company.  Chris saw an opportunity to offer a better service to industrial electrical estimators in the construction industry and so the inception of the Fast Track Estimating System was born.

Atad Data was established and started trading in 1994.  The company was incorporated in 2001, since this time we have 'made a difference' to many Australian companies by providing a unique estimating system and unprecedented customer service.

Our commitment has been firmly focused on delivering unsurpassed service and quality products.  From small beginnings, we have grown to operating estimating systems throughout Australia.  

With our growth we have expanded on our experience, our services and our product knowledge and more importantly our customer's need.  Our aim is for continual improvement and to exceed our customer's expectations.

Atad Data has developed and written specialised database systems for numerous customers.  Other skills offered are electrical design capabilities.

Atad Data also operates and maintains a pricing database. 


Fast Track

Our estimating program is called "Fast Track Estimating System".


If this is how you find estimating give us a call.

If you currently do not have a computerised estimating system, ask yourself these questions:

                How much time do office staff spend checking Estimates?

                Do your Estimator's have complete confidence in the pricing information?

                Can you find an Estimate that you did 2 years ago within 20 seconds?

                Are the labour rates all contained in your Estimator's head?

                Can the Estimates be used as a source of information for running the job?

                Is your company being left behind in the current Technology revolution?

                Is the time period to tender getting shorter?

If we have created interest so far, please read on!!!

"Fast Track Estimating System"

The program was primarily aimed at the Electrical Estimator and is designed to run in conjunction with "Smart Price".  With these two (2) systems combined the "Fast Track Estimating System" becomes a very powerful tool for the Estimator.  The system is now being used throughout Australia by Electrical and Mechanical Estimators.

Fast Track is suitable to produce estimates from $1,000 to $100,000,000 and if you have a need to go past this then our technical staff can modify the system to suit.

Fast Track has the facility to track all of your tenders over a period of time. It also allows you to keep track of opposition movements by collecting the information and entering it into your database. Information collected can be printed and provided to management for reporting.

Fast Track can be used on a network and can accommodate a maximum of 451 simultaneous users.


Smart Price Data File

The "Smart Price" program provides the latest prices from all major Electrical Vendors at the click of a mouse.

Most Vendors / Manufacturers have their own price books, however, Atad Data combines all the Vendors Prices in one easy to use package and maintains that data to provide an electronic price list to substitute all paper price lists promoting speed and accuracy.

"Smart Price" is a basic estimating package that can be used to quickly assemble a basic estimate.

The users are people in positions such as Estimators, Purchasing Officers and Electrical Supervisors, or any person that requires to look up prices with speed as the system provides up to date information on 200,000+ records.

The program also contains a basic estimating package which is able to extract information from "Smart Price", and by placing and adding rates against the material items, a priced Estimate can then be produced.

The information in the Estimate can be exported for use in invoices, purchase orders and so on.  The information can also be downloaded to a printer or file. The file can then be converted to other applications such as spreadsheets and word processing programs.

Take out a unique Tender Number and Section Numbers if required.  Now you are ready to start!

Begin by entering information, this can be typed straight in or it can be obtained from the Master List.  What is a Master List ?

The Master List is data files that contains all pre entered information, some of this information is provided by Atad Data (1,000+ Records) to get you started.  A Manual provided by Atad Data gives you an idea on how to customise your own Master List.

The easiest way to enter data into your Estimate is double clicking on the Master List with your mouse this saves the fingers especially if you only use 1.

The Master List contains prices that are updated from Smart Price and your labour and discount rates. All you have to do is enter a few quantities in along the way and the prices and rates can be modified on the run, that is, if you are not happy with the ones from the Master List.


The following screen is one of the most commonly used on the Fast Track Estimating System.



The system requires an Operating System equal to Windows XP and above.  Best results are obtained from computers with more than 500 meg of ram.


Fast Track can standardise your rates in all of your estimating requirements.  For example, a particular type of project constantly reflects a deficit in particular areas. But by getting the feedback into the Estimating Division these rates can be adjusted, otherwise the same mistakes will occur.  Fast Track also has Cost Centre facilities.


The system comes compressed, ready for immediate use. The system is on a CD and comes complete with instructions on how to install quickly.

The installation program unpacks all the information and installs the fonts and files in the correct location. The installation takes about 10 minutes from start to finish.

The "Fast Track Estimating System" allows tenders and estimates to be completed with speed and accuracy providing up-to-date information and reports.

The information can be easily modified and recalculated within seconds with the advantage of up to date pricing at the click of a mouse.

If the Estimator is costed at $95.00 per hour and the time saved per week is 4 hours then the pay back time can be as little as 3 to 4 months. Not a big investment by today's standard.

Another question frequently asked is what size files would one have to accommodate on the hard disc?  The answer is around 35 Meg with the initial load and with around 1,200 records in the Master List.

With 80 Tenders stored, files are about approximately 45 Meg. The data base is capable of being expanded to 40 Gig, so there is plenty of room for expansion.

"Fast Track Estimating System" takes an inexperienced user 2 hours to gain a basic understanding of the system.  For the Estimator to use the system to its full potential, "Training is imperative".

Training is offered at an additional cost. Training can be held in our offices at Brisbane with a limit on numbers, or at your offices subject to travelling and accommodation cost (which would be charged to your account).


Fast Track Estimating System and Smart Price come with their own manuals and are updated when changes are made.  This can be done quickly and efficiently by simply downloading the latest Acrobat Reader (PDF) file from our website. The manuals are user friendly and have plenty of graphics making for easy reading. 

The system is easy to learn, fast, efficient and accurate.  These factors should be taken into consideration when you make your evaluation.

Atad Data is continually improving the Fast Track Estimating System so that you, the customer, have the latest in estimating packages at your fingertips.

Atad Data is in the process of developing other packages such as "DeOffice" for Accounting.

And another program called "Kontrol Pro" for total project management, handling the Assets Cable and PLC I/O scheduling, as well as more.

Atad Data offers telephone support and if required, in house support at an additional charge.  This is supplemented by a mobile phone service virtually offering 24 hours a day support.


Call NOW for your demo copy of the Fast Track Estimating System and Smart Price Systems.

When purchased the price includes free upgrades and phone support for the initial 12 months.

A support agreement can be entered into after the 12 month period, and you will continue to receive the latest program updates.

The Smart Price updates are not included and are covered under a separate agreement. Contact us for more details if you require this service.



For more information on our Fast Track and Smart Price programs please contact a member of our dedicated staff or come and see us at our office for a free demo.



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