Atad Data

About Us




Chris Hughes is the major shareholder of Copious Data trading as Atad Data. A 100% Australian owned and operated company.  Chris saw an opportunity to offer better service to industrial electrical estimators in the construction industry and so the inception of the Fast Track Estimating System was born.

Atad Data was established and started trading in 1994.  The company was incorporated in 2001, since this time we have 'made a difference' to many Australian companies by providing a unique estimating system and unprecedented customer service.

Our commitment has been firmly focused on delivering unsurpassed service and quality products.  From small beginnings, we have grown to operating estimating systems throughout Australia.   With our growth we have expanded on our experience, our services and our product knowledge and more importantly our customer needs.  Our aim is for continual improvement and to exceed our customers expectations.

Atad Data have developed and written specialised database systems for numerous customers.  Other skills offered are electrical design capabilities.


    Updated: 30/08/2021